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Greetings, my dear friend, God bless you. About myself: My name is Matthew Cserhati. I have been led by God to present the Gospel and Biblical truth to our Roman Catholic friends. Below you can find a number of my writings about different topics pertaining to the Protestant/Roman Catholic question.

Articles and Power Points

My personal testimony - How I became Christian from Romanism
The much maligned Luther
The Romanist church's connection to evolution
The changing face of the priesthood - critique and book review
Overcoming the accuser
The secret oath of the Jesuits
Quotes on Jesuits
The Roman Catholic knack for prophecy
Sola Scriptura 1 page outline
Pope Francis shows his true colors
Let us meet the pagans half way so as to win them for the church
The key to pope Francis's identity: master of the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises
Why did fifty Catholic priests leave the priesthood and papal Rome?
Open letter in response to the blasphemy and idolatry of Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno
Do Catholics possess life eternal?
Who is the Holy Father?


For an everlasting covenant... - A Scriptural basis for infant baptism
Bible verses which support infant baptism
Continuity and Discontinuity, Old and New - looking at baptism from a wider scope
Never forget - the lessons of Communism
Analysis of the Nye/Ham debate - evolution officially debunked on evolutionist's own terms!
The evaluation of the Pentecostal-charismatic movement on the basis of Sola Scriptura
A Critique of the Communist Manifesto

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You can reach me at cs_matyi "at" yahoo "dot" com. God bless you and have a nice day.

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